The Bible Story—Praised by Catholic and Protestant clergy alike.

A METHODIST MINISTER SAYS — “I find that the stories are well written and adhere to the Biblical text in such a manner as to interest children and at the same time present no doctrinal point of view. I heartily recommend it to all.”

A PRESBYTERIAN PASTOR WRITES — “The simple style of the author makes the set easily readable and understandable by youth. With the aid of the pictures, the child is led into a lifelike setting of the great truths set before him in a printed form.”

A BAPTIST MINISTER SAYS — “It is a privilege, without any reservation, to recommend full The Bible Story by Maxwell. It is an excellent work, true to the Bible and written in an interesting manner. It is without a doubt the finest thing I have seen in the way of Bible stories covering the entire Bible.”

A LETTER FROM A CATHOLIC DIOCESE — “Our staff here at the Department of Religious Education is very well impressed with this particular series. . . . We want you to know that [The Bible Story] has received a high endorsement.”

FROM A USAF CHAPLAIN — “In ten beautiful volumes, with no church or doctrinal emphasis, one may grasp the true and lively word in its simplicity. I commend to all who desire to know the Bible as a living book and Jesus Christ as our living Lord, this, the finest presentation of its kind known to me.”

A LUTHERAN PASTOR SAYS — “The Bible Story is used by teachers to help them in their Sunday School preparation. The volumes can be a wonderful aid in family devotions.”