“If there isn't deep integrity and fundamental character strength, the challenges of life will cause true motives to surface and human relationship failure will replace short-term success.”

—Stephen R. Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


The Bible Story
The most complete and accurate set of Bible stories ever written for the family.

The Bible Story
   • Easy to read and understand
   • 411 stories in 10 volumes
   • 1,200 color illustrations
   • Stories are true to the Bible

The Bible Story: Because You Want Your Child to Know More About the Bible
Remember that blue book with all the beautiful pictures that you’ve seen in your doctor’s waiting room? That’s just a sample of the most complete and accurate set of Bible stories ever produced for children. Give your son or daughter this 10-volume set and they will have access to every “tellable” story in the Bible. You can bet your child will meet Bible characters they have never heard of before. They’ll find out about a widow and her mysterious oil pots. They’ll meet a boy named Eutychus and discover why he fell out of a window. Each of these stories come straight from the Bible text. Nothing is made up.

The Bible Story: Because You Want Your Child to Share Biblical Values

Hundreds of thousands of children have enjoyed the simple writing in The Bible Stories.They love to visualize the adventures of the Bible’s great heroes. And as they read about these heroes, they absorb the values that are so important to a happy life—values like honesty, courage, justice, and kindness.

They begin to see the spiritual truths that The Good Book has preserved for us for thousands of years. They even begin to understand some Bible prophecies.

In the same way that the Bible has changed the lives of countless people, The Bible Stories will also have a positive effect on your children.

The Bible Story: Preparing Your Child for the Future
Imagine for a moment your family sitting down together for a regular Bible story at bedtime. That’s better than some silly—or disturbing—television program, isn’t it? And it’s a wonderful influence for good.

It’s time to counter the many influences that can wreck your child’s life. You know there will be temptations to use drugs. Maybe even temptations to break the law. Right now, he or she may be struggling with the temptation to lie to mom or dad.

Each short, five-minute chapter in The Bible Story can help give your children the strength to stand up to the temptations they face. Each story can help build a foundation of values upon which your children can establish happy and successful lives.


*The Bible Story is also available in Spanish

The Bible Story comes in 10 beautiful volumes.

Esther is made queen by King Xerxes.

Jesus healed many people.

Jonah was thrown overboard and swallowed by a whale.

Noah prepares plans for the ark.

The children of Israel cross the Red Sea.