Our little Sharee is not quite three yet, but one of the many things we’re looking forward to is introducing The Bible Story series to her. We’ve already started with some books for younger children, but as a teacher, I know how exciting these books will be for Sharee when she gets to an age where she can really use her imagination. My teaching experience has taught me how valuable they can be, both as Biblical references and as reading aids for children as they advance in skills. You can believe these books will be important parts of our family library for years to come. Victoria and Gregg Robinzine

As a single parent, I feel a strong responsibility for giving my Jenny the best possible start in life. That includes teaching her about the Bible and spiritual things. These books really help. They present Bible principles in a way that children can understand. My mother read these books to me, and even so, I find something new every time I read them. Can you imagine that? Jenny’s a second-generation Bible Story child, and I love it.
Brenda Luster

These are some of the best books for children we’ve ever found. They explain everything for the children while staying close to the Biblical stories. Reading them with Edwin and Paula helps to draw our family closer together. We think they’re beautiful books, too—so bright and colorful. That’s one of the things we think people will like best about them. –Ana and Gregorio Rivera