A Bedtime Story and a Kiss Good Night

Sometimes our children spend more time soaking up messages from television, movies, and their friends than they spend with us. How can we make the greatest impression on our children during those moments we have together?

Here's one way. Open up Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories and read to them. Let your children take part in an adventure as they snuggle by your side.

At the beginning of each true story they will meet a boy or girl who is about to learn something very important about life. Suzanne's experience with a troublesome puppy teaches her about God's love. Bobby's bicycle accident teaches the importance of obedience. Uncle Arthur's warmhearted style and flair for storytelling are apparent in every line you read. But as his stories entertain, they do much more.

They help your children learn the basic values they need to make right decisions. Values such as truth, honor, respect, integrity, self-discipline, and faith in God. These are the basic values we call "good character."

A few cozy minutes reading with our children will put words and pictures into their memories that will influence their actions for the rest of their lives.

Features Parents Love

  • Stories are short enough to read in five minutes.

  • Nearly 200 different stories in five volumes.

  • Color paintings on every page opening.

  • Activity pages with fun facts, games, and simple crafts.

  • Smudgeproof covers.

  • Index helps you find the right ethical lesson when you need it.

"Developing the mind is important, but developing a conscience is the most precious gift parents can give their children." John Gray in Children Are From Heaven